»BoD« Richard Siegal @ DANCE 2017

Recording the premier of Richard Siegal’s Ballett of Difference at DANCE 2017. The choereographer & the company brings together international dance artists of the highest caliber who differ in their genotypes, cultural backgrounds, aesthetic socializations, and sexual orientations. Their diversity reflects the program: Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference explores the boundaries of what is normative in our society. The twelve dancers are an assembly of individuals; rising stars and seasoned professionals who created with Richard Siegal at Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, The Bavarian State Ballet, and The National Ballet of Marseille. Fusing with the dance are some of today’s most provocative voices in style, fashion, electronic music, light and industrial design. Recording & Documentary / HD / 4K / DoP: Matthias Boch (Photo Credit Ray Demski)